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DateBox :

Edit or pick date values by month or day in any possible format with automatic validation.

10/10/1644 or 11/11/0450 or 11/11/1922 or Tuesday/October 12/2004, or November or 22, or 1998 or 12/10/01 and more.


When the computer is idle and it is after 5:30 PM start the backup programs on a shared network. Send a email to the Administrator when the backup programs have completed the tasks.

Send out the newsletter web page by email from the news directory C:\News on the last friday of every month.

When the computer is idle send a email to the doctor saying the nurse on night duty is sleeping or has lefted her desk.

GlobalTimeBox :

What time is it in Kabul, NewYork, Dallas, Paris, Berlin ? GlobalTimeBox will display the time anywhere in the world with two clicks of a mouse. Supports all time zones.

Display time values for advertising displays.

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