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I'm Emmet Mc Donagh. Glad you could come by and get acquainted. If you are looking for programs to enhance your business, you are in the right place.

Excellent support, Very Flexible Product, Supports all time zones.

GlobalTimeBox V1.00 displays the current time any place in the world like London, New York. GlobalTimeBox V1.00 is an ActiveX/.NET component that can be used as a edit time control or a digital clock. Validation is automatic. Choose Your Font. Suitable for Internet Explorer 4 or Greater. Easy to use and setup. Time zone component. 

30 day money back guarantee.  Questions contact sales@emdprog.com.

GlobalTimeBox V1.00 displays a global digital clock or a edit time control. Excellent support. Very Flexible. Supports all time zone.

$3,000      1 Site Wide (50 licenses at one location)

1 license required per computer usage.

DateBox :

Edit or pick date values by month or day in any possible format with automatic validation.

10/10/1644 or 11/11/0450 or 11/11/1922 or Tuesday/October 12/2004, or November or 22, or 1998 or 12/10/01 and more.


When the computer is idle and it is after 5:30 PM start the backup programs on a shared network. Send a email to the Administrator when the backup programs have completed the tasks.

Send out the newsletter web page by email from the news directory C:\News on the last friday of every month.

When the computer is idle send a email to the doctor saying the nurse on night duty is sleeping or has lefted her desk.

Scan the computer disks for error-checking, Do defragmentation and backups to all computers on the shared network and remote computers at 4:00 AM. Email the log files to administrator home email address. Administrator sees from the log files after five minutes everything was successful so back to bed for a nice sleep.

GlobalTimeBox :

What time is it in Kabul, NewYork, Dallas, Paris, Berlin ? GlobalTimeBox will display the time anywhere in the world with two clicks of a mouse. Supports all time zones.

Display time values for advertising displays. 

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